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Nov 15, 2012 6:30am EST
to decline. the survey paints the mixed picture for an improving economy but also uncertainty over whether we are going to get off that fiscal cliff. >>> it's going to cost your employer a little bit more this year to pay for the health care benefits. it's the smallest increase in 15 years. according to health consultant mercer they will see the cost jump 4.5%. they say because companies have the 2014 implementation of the health care reform, they're making greater efforts to cut costs. passing that expense on and the risk to you. >>> so are you looking for a reason to quit smoking? how about because today is the great american smokeout. it's a day started by the american cancer society to help people stop puffing away on smokes. now smoke you cannot only causes all kinds of diseases and cancers it can affect your everyday life. among them the university of baltimore and the howard county general hospital are taking part. >>> sharpton is congresswomanning to baltimore for the next -- coming to baltimore for the next three days. he's going to be leading discussions on how this fiscal cliff cou
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1